OSHA and Cal/OSHA Safety Training Courses

The OSHA Training Institute Education Center at CLPCCD offers OSHA authorized safety courses that help you take your career and your organization’s safety program to the next level. We offer OSHA authorized training in OSHA standards, Outreach Trainer courses, Cal/OSHA standards, awareness level short courses and more.  Click below to view additional course details, upcoming classes and registration information.

OSHA-500: OSHA Trainer Course for Construction
OSHA-501: OSHA Trainer Course for General Industry
OSHA-502: Update for Construction Industry Outreach Trainers
OSHA-503: Update for General Industry Outreach Trainers
OSHA-510: OSHA Standards for Construction
OSHA-511: OSHA Standards for General Industry
OSHA-521: OSHA Guide to Industrial Hygiene
OSHA-2015: Hazardous Materials
OSHA-2045: Machinery and Machine Guarding Standards
OSHA-2055: Cranes in Construction
OSHA-2225: Respiratory Protection
OSHA-2255: Principles of Ergonomics
OSHA-2264: Permit Required Confined Space Entry
OSHA-2455: Safety and Health Management Program
OSHA-3015: Excavation Trenching and Soil Mechanics
OSHA-3085: Principles of Scaffolding
OSHA-3095: Electrical Standards
OSHA-3115: Fall Protection
OSHA-5029: Cal/OSHA Update for Construction Industry Outreach Trainers
OSHA-5039: Cal/OSHA Update for General Industry Outreach Trainers
OSHA-5109: Cal/OSHA Standards for the Construction Industry
OSHA-5119: Cal/OSHA Standards for General Industry
OSHA-5400: OSHA Trainer Course for Maritime
OSHA-5402: OSHA Maritime Outreach Trainer Update
OSHA-5410: OSHA Standards for Maritime
OSHA-5600: OSHA Disaster Site Worker
OSHA-5602: OSHA Disaster Site Worker Update
OSHA-5810: Hazards Recognition and Standards
OSHA-6005: Collateral Duty Course for Other Federal Agencies
OSHA-7000: Guidelines for Safe Patient Handling
OSHA-7005: Public Warehousing and Storage Safety
OSHA-7100: Introduction to Machinery and Machine Safeguarding
OSHA-7105: Evacuation and Emergency Planning
OSHA-7115: Lockout Tagout
OSHA-7200: Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control
OSHA-7205: Health Hazard Awareness
OSHA 7210: Pandemic Illness Preparedness
OSHA 7215: Silica in Construction, Maritime and General Industries
OSHA 7225: Transitioning to Safer Chemicals
OSHA-7300: Understanding OSHA’s Permit-Required Confined Space Standard
OSHA-7400: Occupational Noise Exposure
OSHA-7405: Fall Hazard Awareness for the Construction Industry
OSHA-7410: Managing Excavation/Trenching Operations
OSHA-7415: OSHA Construction Industry Requirements (Major Hazards and Prevention)
OSHA-7500: Introduction to Safety and Health Management
OSHA-7505: Introduction to Incident (Accident) Investigation
OSHA-7510: Introduction to OSHA for Small Businesses
OSHA-7515: Job Hazard Analysis
OSHA-7845: Recordkeeping Rule Seminar
OTC-105: OSHA 10-Hour Construction Outreach Course
OTC-107: OSHA 30-Hour Construction Outreach Course
OTC-108: OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Outreach Course
OTC-110: OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Outreach Course
OTC-113: Cal OSHA 30-Hour Construction Outreach Course
OTC-114: Cal OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Course
OTC-120: Introduction to Generative AI in Safety Training
OTC-202: 8-Hour HAZWOPER Refresher
OTC-204: 40-Hour HAZWOPER
OTC-207: Introduction to Safety Inspection Techniques
OTC-208: Fundamental Skills & Techniques in Safety Inspection
OTC-302: Training Techniques for the Safety Professional
OTC-304: 40-Hour Confined Space Rescue
OTC-306: Electrical Safety for Qualified Workers
OTC-308: Safety Inspection Techniques
OTC-310: Workplace Violence Prevention Survival
OTC-401: Trainer Course in Forklift Operator Safety
OTC-402: Excavation Trenching Safety
OTC-403: Trainer Course in Permit-Required Confined Space Entry