OTC 306 – Electrical Safety for Qualified Workers (NFPA 70E)

Course Description

Every day, qualified electrical workers face the dangers of shock and arc flash. Without the latest knowledge of safety regulations and proper protective measures, you and your team are at constant risk. Are you fully equipped to handle these hazards with the most current standards and practices?  

Ensuring your safety goes beyond just wearing PPE—it’s about understanding the approach and arc flash boundaries, using the right tools, and implementing the hierarchy of risk controls. 

Enroll in OTC 306 – Electrical Safety for Qualified Workers (NFPA 70E) 

  • Dive into the critical updates on NFPA 70E and Cal/OSHA standards for working safely under or at 600 volts 
  • Learn about electrical hazards, including detailed modules on arc flash and shock risks, safe work practices, and the correct selection and use of electrical test instruments 
  • Complete the course to improve your own safety skills and ensure your workplace complies with the latest safety standards 

Don’t wait—protect yourself and your qualified team during conducting an energized electrical work. Register now! 





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