OTC 302 – Training Techniques for the Safety Professional

Course Description

This 2-day class is for both the new and the experienced trainer who wants to learn new teaching skills. It focuses on topics such as effective instruction and presentation techniques, curriculum design, adult learning theory, and coaching skills. Our goal is to take the safety subject matter expert, and provide them with additional tools that they can use to deliver training content to workers in a way that makes it fun to learn.

Topics Include

  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • New ways to motivate learners
  • Best and worst training experiences
  • Dealing with difficult participants

Participants will have time to practice the skills being addressed. It is strongly recommended that attendees bring a laptop to class. If you are unable to do so, please contact us to make other arrangements.




  1. Payment by credit card, check or purchase order or call 1-866-936-6742.
  2. This class can be taught at your facility. Call 1-866-936-6742.

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