outreach-trainer-cardsThe OSHA Training Center at Chabot-Las Positas Community College District, along with all OSHA Training Institute Education Centers across the country, is now participating in a new online database system for submission of OSHA Outreach Training reports and card requests. New outreach cards will provide better fraud protection and will include a QR code which will allow employers and workers to verify the authenticity of the card. The cost will now be $8.00 per new card, and will remain at $25.00 for a replacement card.

The OTI Education Centers will maintain an electronic database of authorized trainers and students who have completed the 10- and 30-hour classes. This will allow employers and workers to authenticate their card with the use of a QR code on each card. Workers who already have 10-hour and 30-hour cards do not need to change over to the new cards. They may choose to purchase a new card by contacting the trainer who conducted the class, but only if the course was taken within the past three years. The new cards will be issued for in-person training sessions only. Online courses will continue to be offered by authorized providers, but students who complete online training will continue to receive paper cards at this time.

Learn more at the OSHA Training Center Outreach Card web page.