Many employers are not aware of their responsibilities under OSHA’s General Industry Permit-Required Confined Space Standard regarding workers who are exposed to the hazards of confined spaces. Employers must identify all potential hazards, develop written safety and rescue procedures, and provide training and protective equipment to workers to eliminate or greatly reduce the risks of working in confined spaces and to maintain full OSHA compliance. Learn More

OSHA has published Protecting Construction Workers in Confined Spaces: Small Entity Compliance Guide to help employers and workers understand their requirements under the Confined Spaces in Construction Standard. The 57-page guide covers a wide range of topics, including employer responsibilities, overview of the standard, identifying permit spaces, worker training, rescue and emergency services, and permit-required confined space program and entry permit samples. See also OSHA’s Confined Spaces in Construction webpage.

Upcoming OSHA 2264 Permit Required Confined Space Entry Classes