Instructions for Submitting OSHA Outreach Training Reports

OSHA Outreach Cards

Beginning in March 2016, all OSHA Training Institute Education Centers across the country began participating in a new online database system. All 10-hour and 30-hour reports must be submitted electronically.

Fraud protection for outreach cards is improved since the cards are more durable and have a QR code which will allow employers and workers to verify the authenticity of each card. Workers who still have the older paper cards do not need to change over to the new cards, however they may choose to purchase a new card by contacting the trainer who conducted the class (only allowed if the class was taken within the previous 5 years). The new cards will be issued for in-person training sessions and online courses offered by authorized providers may still issue paper cards.

Instructions for Submitting OSHA Outreach Training Reports

All trainers must register in the reporting portal in order to submit 10-hour and 30-hour reports. Registering will allow you to begin accessing your online outreach account and send in OSHA Outreach Training Card requests. This process will take approximately 5 minutes. Be sure to have JPEG images or a PDF scan of your trainer card ready to upload into the system.

Contact our office at (866) 936-6742 with any questions.

Outreach Training Program Changes as of January 2018!


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If you need assistance or have questions regarding your OSHA Outreach Training Report, please contact us at (866) 936-6742 or email [email protected].

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