Ike Riser

Ike Riser has over 39 years of construction and safety experience, and has been instrumental in the success of award winning safety programs and the numerous safety awards received, many of which were for high-hazard projects. As the corporate Vice President of Safety for Shimmick Construction Co., he served as the firm’s expert and chief safety liaison within the fields of operations management and field craft safe protocols.

Ike continues to be influential in the safe construction of light rail transit facility structures, sewage/water treatment plant structures, cut and cover deep box structures, pump station structures, tunnel retrofit projects, public bridges and pipeline structures. Ike provides safety training in the areas of Fleet Safety, HR/Safety training, Worker’s Compensation, General Liability /Auto claims, Loss Prevention, Accident Investigations, various OSHA courses and the daily safe operations of company jobsites.

Ike has a degree in Occupational Health and Safety as well as various Health and Safety Certifications. In 2012, he was presented the prestigious AGC award of California’s “Safety Professional of the Year.” He has spoken at numerous conferences and award ceremonies where he’s able to share safety successes and bolster others safety programs by utilizing and integrating safe practices.

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