The safe storage of hazardous materials is essential to any workplace safety program in order to prevent injuries, fires and other hazardous conditions.

OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard requires employers to inform workers about the hazards of chemicals they come in contact with through Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and appropriate labels.  Information about the identities and hazards of chemicals and other hazardous materials must be available and understandable, and workers must receive training on the proper and safe handling of all hazardous materials.

For more information see OSHA’s Fact Sheet on effective hazard communication.

The OSHA Training Center is offering OSHA 2015 – Hazardous Materials at the following locations:

August 21-24, 2017 | Dublin, CA
August 28-31 | Irvine, CA
September 25-28 | Henderson, NV
November 27-30 | Santa Clara, CA