newandimprovedThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in an effort to reduce fraud, improve efficiency and benefit workers, is introducing new and improved Outreach Training Program trainer and student course completion cards for construction, general industry, maritime and disaster site worker. All OSHA Training Institute (OTI) Education Centers will be participating in the new Outreach card program starting March 1, 2016.

  • Cards will be individualized for both trainers and students in construction, general industry, maritime, and disaster site workers
  • Cards will be made of a plastic (credit card style) durable card stock with a standardized look including OSHA logo, OTI Education Center logo, and a QR code for authentication
  • With the enhancement and additional fraud protection on the new Outreach cards, the OTI Education Centers will increase the fee for cards from the current $5.00 per card to $8.00 per card as of March 1, 2016

Replacement Cards
will be available through the issuing OTI Education Center. Additional fees will apply and may vary.

march1-59x50Implementation Schedule:
The new cards and electronic verification database for all in-person trainings will be implemented on March 1, 2016.

QRimage-100x70Electronic Verification:
All Outreach cards will include a QR code linking to a website, allowing employers and workers to verify the authenticity of each card.

Online Outreach 10- and 30-Hour Training:
Students completing online courses receive the current paper card until further notice.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact the OSHA Training Center at [email protected] or refer to

The Outreach 10- and 30-Hour Card

  • Signifies that holder has completed training on how to identify, abate, avoid and prevent job related hazards
  • Voluntary safety and health training program
  • Does not meet any training requirements under the OSHA standards
  • Cards can only be processed by Outreach trainers through their OTI Education Center

Employer / Supervisor Benefits

  • 24/7 instant electronic real-time verification of cards on your site decreases potential project downtime
  • Enhanced fraud protection using the electronic database and improved card durability limiting replacement card requests

Trainer Benefits

  • Shorter card processing times and fewer errors
  • Increase your credibility by quickly and easily verifying your authorized Outreach trainer status