OSHA Updates Ladder Safety and Fall Protection Resources

Fall Protection Resources May 2013OSHA and its partners have been busy creating new resources on ladder safety, videos on preventing fatal falls in construction, and spreading the word about its Fall Prevention Campaign through its Susan Harwood grantees.

Ladder Safety

Falling off Ladders Can Kill:  Use Them Safely is  OSHA’s newest educational resource for ladder safety.  This bilingual English/Spanish booklet provides easy to follow information about ladder hazards and safety precautions.

Fatal Falls in Construction Videos

The California Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, with support from NIOSH, have developed two short videos that illustrate true stories about the death of a worker who fell through a skylight and a solar installer who fell off a roof.  View the skylight FACE video and the solar installer FACE video to help your employees learn more about the dangers of falls on construction jobsites.

OSHA’s Fall Prevention Campaign

OSHA’s Susan Harwood grantees are spreading the word about its Fall Prevention Campaign that was launched in 2012.  The American Road and Transportation Builders Association recently published an article that addresses avoiding falls in horizontal construction.  Read about the challenges that a 26 year young construction worker lives with after he was injured when scaffolding underneath him collapsed which left him permanently disabled.  This is a great article to highlight during a weekly safety meeting.

OSHA Training Center Fall Protection Resources

The OSHA Training Center has a collection of trainer resource pages that have free powerpoints, a listing of OSHA’s citations, OSHA’s standards, and many more resources.  THe OSHA Training Center has developed a specific Fall Protection resource webpage and it is filled with free resources for you to use with your employees.


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