The safe storage and handling of hazardous materials is essential to any workplace safety program, and workers should know how to store and handle hazardous materials. In order to prevent injuries, fires and other hazardous conditions, employers should establish some basic procedures and guidelines for workers to follow, including:

  • Be cautious, plan ahead, understand what could go wrong and pay close attention to what you’re doing while you work.
  • Always use required PPE that has been inspected carefully before each use.
  • Make sure all containers are properly labeled and that hazardous material is stored in appropriate containers. Report damaged containers or illegible labels to your supervisor.
  • Read labels and safety data sheets (SDSs) before using any material to make sure you understand hazards and precautions.
  • Use all materials solely for their intended purpose.
  • Store all materials properly in ventilated, dry and cool areas.
  • Learn about emergency procedures and equipment, including evacuation procedures, emergency reporting and procedures for dealing with fires and spills.

Knowledge and training will help ensure that workers are safe while storing and handling hazardous materials.

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