Emergencies and disasters can strike anywhere and at any time, bringing workplace injuries and illnesses with them. Employers and workers may be required to deal with an emergency when it is least expected, and proper planning before an emergency is necessary to respond effectively.

The best way to protect workers is to expect the unexpected and to carefully develop an emergency action plan to guide everyone in the workplace when immediate action is necessary. Planning in advance helps ensure that everyone knows what to do when an emergency occurs.

OSHA’s Emergency Preparedness and Response landing page provides a listing of hazards for which the Agency currently has information and links to general emergency preparedness and response guidance.

Planning and training are essential to ensure that everyone knows what to do when there is an emergency or disruption of operations. Workers must be familiar with protective actions, including evacuation, shelter, shelter-in-place and lockdown, and to fully understand their company’s emergency response and loss prevention programs. Learn More

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