Electrical Safety Training Makes the Jobsite Safer for All Workers

OSHA’s Electrical Standards require employers to protect all employees who work on or near any part of an electrical power circuit or are exposed to electrical hazards.

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Industrial Hygiene: Recognizing and Controlling Workplace Hazards

Engineering, work practice and administrative controls are the primary means of reducing employee exposure to occupational hazards.

2019-10-16T15:56:38-07:00September 23, 2019|News, Resources, Safety Training Resources, Tips|0 Comments

Employers Must Provide PPE When Needed and Train Workers on Proper Use

Employers must assess their workplaces to determine if hazards are present that require the use of personal protective equipment.

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OSHA and NIOSH Publish Nail Gun Safety Guide for Construction Contractors

Nail gun injuries are common—one study found that 2 out of 5 residential carpenter apprentices experienced a nail gun injury over a four-year period.

Prevent Worker Fatigue and Fatigue-related Injuries and Illnesses

Many American workers spend over 40 hours a week at work and almost 15 million work full time on evening, night, rotating or other irregular shifts. Work schedules like these may cause worker fatigue.

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