Your company has just experienced an incident resulting in an unintentional injury to a worker. Reacting quickly to the incident with a prescribed procedure and actions can demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety and ensure the proper information is collected to fulfill an incident investigation’s ultimate purpose – to prevent future incidents

Steps in an Investigation Process

The investigation process should begin after arranging for first aid or medical treatment for the injured person(s). In getting started, remind everyone involved—especially workers— the investigation is to learn and prevent, not find fault. Steps of the investigation process include:

  1. Call or gather the necessary person(s) to conduct the investigation and obtain the investigation kit.
  2. Secure the area where the injury occurred and preserve the work area as it is.
  3. Identify and gather witnesses to the injury event.
  4. Interview the involved worker.
  5. Interview all witnesses.
  6. Document the scene of the injury through photos or videos.
  7. Complete the investigation report, including determination of what caused the incident and what corrective actions will prevent recurrences.
  8. Use results to improve the injury and illness prevention program to better identify and control hazards before they result in incidents.
  9. Ensure follow-up on completion of corrective actions

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