Specialist in Safety & Health Certificate – Level II

If you are responsible for employee health and safety at your workplace, it may be time to expand your knowledge of current health and safety issues and regulations and learn new skills to create and maintain a safer work environment. The Specialist in Safety and Health Certificate Program is designed to expand and improve the practical skills of those responsible for employee health and safety at their facility. The courses examine critical safety and health issues of private business, industry and government, and provide training necessary for managing a proactive health and safety program. Participants in the Specialist in Safety and Health Certificate Program can customize the certificate program to their field of expertise and focus their training to their own areas of interest.

How You Will Benefit

• Develop the skills to implement a risk management system to avoid injuries and health problems at your workplace
• Build on your knowledge of OSHA regulations
• Gain knowledge of changing regulations, guidance documents and regulatory interpretations
• Implement ergonomics and develop the management tools to avoid disabilities
• Teach safety skills to your team
• Demonstrate competency when dealing with regulatory agencies

Who Should Participate

• Safety professionals
• Industrial hygienists
• Supervisors
• Risk managers
• Trainers
• Employees handling workers compensation
• Human resource managers
• Government agencies
• Anyone concerned about safety in the workplace

Participants int he Specialist in Safety and Health Professional Certificate can customize their program to reflect their own areas of interest through a selection core required courses and electives.

Required Courses

OSHA 500: Trainer course for the Construction Industry  OR OSHA 501: Trainer course for General Industry
OSHA 5109: Cal/OSHA standards for Construction OR OSHA 5119: Cal/OSHA standards for General Industry

Elective Courses

• Take any three additional OSHA Training Center courses listed here.

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