OSHA Training Center Professional Certificate Programs

OSHA Professional Certificate ProgramsThe OSHA Training Center at Chabot-Las Positas Community College District offers three levels of Professional Safetycertificates to take your career and your organization’s safety program to the next level. These courses provide focused, real-world information that can be immediately applied in your organization and give you knowledge in many safety and health topics allowing you to build a broader safety expertise.

The OSHA Training Center’s certificates recognize individuals who, through training, have received specialized information in a particular area and ensure that you:

    • Are informed about today’s changing regulations, guidance documents, and regulatory interpretations
    • Have developed an awareness of government agencies affecting your industry
    • Can communicate safety and health problems to your management team and staff members
    • Avoid costly citations by staying compliant with OSHA regulations
    • Demonstrate proficiency and ambition to enhance your career
    • Create a network of others who share similar concerns and resolutions
    • Continue your professional development in a growing and changing field


OSHA Training Center Certificates


OSHA Certificate Safety AssociateGain a solid foundation to quickly and accurately address the OSHA regulations affecting your industry and keep your company safe and compliant. This program gives participants certification of their knowledge and skills in understanding OSHA regulatory standards and in developing solutions to workplace safety challenges. Participants in the Safety Associate Certificate can tailor their program to reflect their own areas of interest through a selection of core required courses and electives. Learn more about the Safety Associate Certificate – Level I certificate.




OSHA Certificate Specialist in Safety and HealthIf you are responsible for employee health and safety at your workplace, it may be time to expand your knowledge of current health and safety issues and regulations and learn new skills to create and maintain a safer work environment. The Specialist in Safety and Health Certificate Program is designed to expand and improve the practical skills of those responsible for employee health and safety at their facility. The courses examine critical safety and health issues of private business, industry and government, and provide training necessary for managing a proactive health and safety program. Participants in the Specialist in Safety and Health Certificate Program can customize the certificate program to their field of expertise and focus their training to their own areas of interest. Learn more about the Specialist in Safety and Health Certificate – Level II certificate.



OSHA Certificate Certified Safety and Health OfficialBusinesses today face an overwhelming maze of safety and health regulations including employee safety, liability, training requirements, loss control, and program development and implementation. The Certified Safety and Health Official certificate guides you through this growing maze of increasingly important safety regulations by helping you develop your staff’s expertise in safety and health strategies. Participants in the Certified Safety and Health Official certificate program can complete an OSHA certificate in either construction or general industry. Learn more about the Certified Safety and Health Official – Level III certificate.

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