Cancellation Policy Tardiness Course Grades and Policies

Cancellation Policy

A full refund will be issued for a canceled class upon written request by the individual that is received 14 days prior to the first class date. If you are unable to attend a course and notify the OSHA Training Center (OTC) in writing within the 14 to 7 day time prior to class timeframe, you will receive a one-time CLPCCD OTC course credit. All cancellations must be made within the 14 to 7 day time frame to have the one-time CLPCCD OTC course credit applied. Credits may be applied toward the cost of any future CLPCCD OTC courses within the next year from date of issue. This one-time credit is valid for the first class canceled per individual.

Cancellations received less than 7 days prior to the start of the first day of a course, or cancellation of any additional courses after receiving a one-time credit, will result in forfeiting fees paid for the canceled course without reimbursement or additional course credit being awarded. In the case of any additional cancellations, no refund will be issued if a class is canceled within the 14 to 7 day timeframe. Special circumstances are an exception to this Policy and must be approved by a CLPCCD OTC staff member.

CLPCCD OTC reserves the right to change class locations, schedules, fees, and instructors when necessary, and full refunds will be issued in the case of CLPCCD OTC canceling a class.


OTC classes are held to Federal- and California-OSHA standards, including the number of contact hours required per training. With the exception of the first day in which a student may arrive at class up to fifteen (15) minutes into the first session without being dropped from the program, tardiness will not be tolerated. Other than the first day, late arrivals, early departures or no-shows for any of the course sessions will result in being dropped from the course without any fee refunds.

Course Grades and Policies

OTC classes are taught on a pass/no pass basis. Students are expected to attend all sessions in full, respect the instructor and other students, and participate in class discussions and exercises. Additionally, some courses require an examination, which students must pass to complete the course with a passing grade. Students will be informed if an examination is to be included as part of the course requirements on the first day of class.

Students achieving the above requirements (attendance, respect for others, participation, and on occasion an examination, depending on OSHA requirements) will receive a “pass” for the course. Students who do not meet the above requirements (for any reason) will receive a “no pass” for the course. Students receiving a “no pass” may re-take the course at their own expense to try to achieve a passing grade.

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