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OSHA Training Center Instructor - Ken Lane
Ken Lane OSHA Instructor

Ken Lane

Ken Lane has over 30 years of safety and occupational health training experience.

In addition to being an authorized OSHA instructor, Ken has taught 10/30 hour Excavation and Fall Protection at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and throughout Northern California. As a Construction Manager for LLNL, Ken is responsible for the construction of research and explosive test facilities, ensuring that facilities are held to the highest safety standards in both in construction and operations. Ken has worked on projects including Demolition and Reconstruction, Bridge and Environmental Restoration, Seismic Retrofitting, Explosive Containment Facilities, Chamber Construction, Environmental Restoration, Explosive Test Facilities, and Laser and Security Facilities.

Ken has received a Certificate in Management University of the Pacific and is certified as a Site Superintendent for Storm Water Protection Enforcement, OSHA Competent Person Excavation, Scaffolding, Fall Protection, and Confined Space.

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